Question: Who did Brandy marry?

At the end of 2012, Norwood became engaged to music executive Ryan Press.

Are Brandy and Robert Smith still together?

In 2002, when Brandy announced she was pregnant, she also said that she had secretly married the babys father, producer Robert Smith, a year earlier. Now, two years after daughter Syrai was born, and a year after the couple announced their split, Smith says they were never really married.

Whats the smoothest brandy?

Martell XO Which is the smoothest brandy? The smoothest brandy is Martell XO. Its a very sophisticated cognac with a smooth silky texture and a long finish. Enjoy it for a wonderful drinking experience, with notes of rancio, citrus, blossom and walnut when tasting and an aroma of black pepper, fig, almond and sandalwood.

Is brandy better for you than whiskey?

Brandy distilled from red wine may provide more healthy antioxidants than whisky. But again, not enough to offset the health problems associated with drinking too much alcohol — and the distillation process might kill off some or all of its nutritional benefit.

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