Question: How do I cancel OkCupid?

On the website (not the app), go to your Subscription Settings page to see your subscription details. If you use the app but paid with PayPal or a credit card, you will need to go to on a browser to cancel your subscription.

How do I cancel my OkCupid subscription?

How to cancel OkCupidLog into OkCupid.Go to the Settings Page to view your subscription.Click on Turn off automatic billing

How do I cancel OkCupid on Iphone?

Cancel OkCupid via iTunesOpen the Settings app on your iOS device.Go for iTunes & App Store.Click your Apple ID, then View Apple ID.Tap Subscriptions, then select OkCupid.Click Cancel.

What happens when you disable OkCupid?

Disabling your account shows it as deleted to anyone who looks for it, but it leaves you the option to re-open your profile in the future if you wish. If you delete your account, you can use the same email address for another account in the future.

Does OKCupid delete old profiles?

Our privacy policy states that we delete accounts if theyve been inactive for more than two years (thats no logins at all). You can contact us at and we can help walk you through options, though.

When you block someone on OKCupid what do they see?

Blocking or unmatching someone will prevent them from seeing your profile -- if they try to view your profile after you block/unmatch them, it will look just like you deleted your OkCupid account. Blocking and unmatching are the same feature.

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