Question: What programs use IRC?

Popular IRC clients include mIRC for Windows, IRCle for Mac OS, and irc2 (the original client) for UNIX-base operating systems. The IRC protocol uses Transmission Control Protocol (you can IRC via a Telnet client), usually on port 6667.Popular IRC clients include mIRC for Windows, IRCle

What uses IRC protocol?

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a protocol for real-time text messaging between internet-connected computers created in 1988. It is mainly used for group discussion in chat rooms called “channels” although it supports private messages between two users, data transfer, and various server-side and client-side commands.

Who uses the IRC?

Adoptions of the IRC The International Residential Code (IRC) is in use or adopted in 49 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

What are the examples of IRC?

IRC clientsAmIRC.Bersirc.BitchX.BnIRC.ChatZilla.Colloquy.Coolsmile.EPIC.More items

How do you stay connected on IRC?

Think of a BNC as a stateful proxy. While simple proxy servers do not maintain connections or sessions after the client disconnects, a BNC maintains your connection on IRC even when your IRC client disconnects. To do so, BNC software must be running on a server, which your IRC client will connect to.

What port does IRC use?

IRC is a plaintext protocol that is officially assigned port 194, according to IANA. However, running the service on this port requires running it with root-level permissions, which is inadvisable. As a result, the well-known port for IRC is 6667, which is a high-number port that does not require elevated privileges.

How do you use an IRC bouncer?

How to get Bouncer from EliteBNC?Open HexChat and Join #elitebnc channel on Freenode. Command to join any channel on IRC , just type /join # .type ! list it will show all available commands.There are three ways or commands to request BNC, ! request ! easyreq and ! To get BNC for Freenode, send ! easyreq 15 Sep 2018

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