Question: What is DECS daughter called?

What is the name of DECS daughter?

Dec and Ali welcomed a daughter named Isla Elizabeth Anne on September 1 2018. Announcing the wonderful news on Instagram at the time, Dec wrote: Ali and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of our baby girl, Isla Elizabeth Anne, who was born just after 9 oclock this morning.

How old is Isla Elizabeth Anne Donnelly?

3 years (2018) Isla Elizabeth Anne Donnelly/Age

Does Anthony McPartlin have a child?

Does Ant McPartlin have any children? Ant does not currently have any children. He shares joint custody of his labrador dog Hurley with his ex-wife Lisa. And he also shares two Maltipoo dogs he purchased with Anne-Marie.

Are Ant and Dec really friends?

1. Ant and Dec become friends through football. Believe it or not the pair didnt get along at first but it was their joint love for football and in particular their local team Newcastle United that bonded the pair together.

Will Ant Be Dec best man?

TV star Ant McPartlin has married Anne-Marie Corbett in a ceremony held in a church in Hampshire. The Saturday Night Takeaway star exchanged vows in front of celebrity guests including Dermot OLeary, Cat Deeley and David Walliams, and had his longtime presenting partner Declan Donnelly by his side as best man.

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