Question: Why are Aquarius men more stubborn than Aquarius women?

Why are Aquarius the most difficult to love?

Aquarius Aquarians are naturally reserved, private people. They arent inclined to open up and letting people in is absolutely not in their nature. An Aquarius needs someone who they can really trust and feel comfortable being vulnerable around in order to go all in and fall in love.

Why do Aquarius and Aquarius not get along?

Aquarius and Aquarius: Trust and Communication Since Aquarius values freedom and independence, lying is basically absent from their relationship. However, problems can arise between two individuals who are mentally strong and intellectual. To prevent this, both Aquarians can set personal boundaries.

Why are Aquarius so hard headed?

Fixed signs, which include Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, can be more stubborn than other signs because theyre tenacious and determined to stay committed to ideas, projects, or people, once theyve said yes.

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