Question: Is it weird to not drink on a date?

“Grabbing a drink is still the default first date. But whether you never touch the stuff or simply taking a break from alcohol, theres no reason for it to mess with your dating game. They are simply where lots of first dates (used to and will again) take place.

Is drinking before a date a good idea?

Timing: Finish your drink at least 20-30 minutes before the date — this will give your body time to process it, but wont leave you stone-cold sober. This may mean that you have to go to some weird bar down the street from the actual nice bar where youre meeting up to have your date drink, but, again, tough luck.

How do you tell a date youre not drinking?

Below, sober dating tips for dating without drinking:Own your choice. Have a go-to drink order ready. Dont go to a bar in the first place. Have your why I dont drink elevator pitch ready to go. Understand that she might not be comfortable with your choice.Feb 28, 2018

Is it bad to take a shot before a date?

Its potent, but wont go straight to your head. Also, be sure to take your shot well before your date arrives, or at an entirely different bar altogether—theres nothing more disheartening than showing up and seeing your date downing shots at the bar.

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