Question: Who do the Hmong worship?

The main spirits that Hmong people worship are ancestor and house spirits. These spirits affect daily life because of their ability to protect and guide a Hmong family (Thao, 1993, 25). Some family spirits are involved in the health of livestock or financial success.

What religion do the Hmong practice?

The Hmong religion is traditionally animist (animism is the belief in the spirit world and in the interconnectedness of all living things). At the center of Hmong culture is the Txiv Neeb, the shaman (literally, father/master of spirits). According to Hmong cosmology, the human body is the host for a number of souls.

How long does a Hmong wedding last?

The wedding is usually a two-day process. At the end of this first wedding feast, the couple will return to the brides familys home, where they spend the night preparing for the next day.

How much is a Hmong dowry?

In traditional Hmong culture, the families of a bride and groom negotiate a wedding gift, dowry or ceremony price that has averaged $5,000 to $8,000, and has gone as high as $25,000 for a Hmong bride who graduated from Stanford. Wedding gifts are paid by the grooms family to the brides parents.

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