Question: When did J. Cole meet his wife?

The Born Sinners and his wife met at St. Johns University in New York. From the moment they met in college they were attached to the hip. According to Cheat Sheet, the couple proposed in 2010.

Who is J Coles wife?

Melissa Heholtm. 2015 J. Cole/Wife

Does J Cole have a son or a daughter?

J Cole has confirmed he and his wife Melissa Heholt have welcomed a second son in a personal essay in which he reflected on his lifes journey. In the candid essay, the father-of-two recalled first learning he would be becoming a father in 2016, writing: “A couple weeks prior I learned that I would become a father.

How did J Cole meet Jay Z?

J Cole once tried to give Jay Z a track, standing outside his studio for 3 hours. He spent three hours outside of Jay Zs Roc the Mic studio hoping to hand the man that would eventually become his mentor a track, but Jay Z didnt notice him.

How long has J Cole known his wife?

Cole For Over A Decade. According to Bossip, Heholt and Cole apparently met in college (St. Johns University), where they became college sweethearts. Theyve been together ever since and reportedly got engaged in 2015.

Did J Cole lose a daughter?

In 2010, a 7-year-old girl, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, was slaughtered during a police raid of her home in Detroit. The manslaughter trial was declared a mistrial. The message at the end of the video: For Aiyana Stanley-Jones. And please reconsider your war on drugs.

Is for your eyes only a true story?

A Dreamville source told Genius the storyline is about a real late friend of Coles, but his name was changed to James McMillan Jr for the sake of privacy. Cole repeats the phrase for your eyes throughout the song emphasising it is a message to his friends daughter and his little boy.

Whats the story behind 4 Your Eyez Only?

“4 Your Eyez Only” is about the death of Coles childhood friend, named James McMillan Jr., who died at the age of 22. In the album, Cole discusses violence in the black community, mass incarceration, fatherhood, and marriage, among other themes.

Why did J Cole drop 4 Your Eyez Only?

The title track of 4 Your Eyez Only serves as a message to both J. Coles newborn little boy and Nina the daughter of a deceased childhood friend, whom the rapper calls James McMillian, Jr. According to the 4 Your Eyez Only track Change, James McMillan Jr was a childhood friend of J.

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