Question: What is the most famous Korean variety show?

1. Running Man. Running Man is a show wherein the cast and celebrity guests are given missions to execute through a series of games. Running Man has been going strong for 10 years and is regarded as one of the most popular Korean shows in the country and around the world.

Best Korean variety shows to watchRunning Man. Two Days and One Night. The Return of Superman. Great Escape. Workman. Knowing Bros. Master in the House. My Little Old Boy. A reality show that documents the lives of celebrities who are still single and living alone, despite being well above the appropriate age to marry.More items •9 Jul 2021

What is the longest variety show in Korea?

With a myriad of variety programs on the air in South Korea, Running Man stands out as the longest-running show, after airing 564 episodes last 19 July.

Will BTS appear on Korean variety shows?

The show, hosted by the comedian duo Yoo Jae-suk and Jo Se-ho, usually invites a number of guests, but the BTS episode will be solely dedicated to the band. Since appearing on JTBC variety shows Lets Eat Dinner Together and Knowing Bros in 2017, the act has mostly focused on the self-branded web series Run BTS.

What Kpop should I watch?

11 must-watch K-pop idol reality showsWanna One Go. Theres two seasons of this show where we watch Wanna One have fun and be generally silly for the cameras. SEVENTEEN One Fine Day. BIGBANG Scout. Monsta X-Ray. Real GOT7. WINNER Youth Over Flowers. iKON TV.16 Apr 2018

What is the longest running TV show still on the air today in the world?

Theres only a two-year difference between the longest-running daytime drama and its runner-up, but ABCs General Hospital takes the cake, besting NBCs Days of Our Lives by only two years. General Hospital is, in fact, the longest-running daytime drama currently on the air.

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