Question: Whats a soft stud?

From the Urban Dictionary: A somewat masculine, gay woman with just a hint of a femme in her, ie, she may look like a guy one day but look like a girl the next. She may be a bit more feminine than most studs or wear makeup.From the Urban Dictionary: A somewat masculine, gay woman

What is stud slang for?

Slang. a man who is notably virile and sexually active. a handsome man with an attractive physique; a hunk. a young man.

Whats another word for stud?

What is another word for stud?hunkbeefcakesuperstudpretty boymusclemanhe-manmachodreamboatmacho manAdonis14 more rows

What does stud earrings mean?

Stud earrings tend to be on the small side and sit snuggly on top of the ear lobe without dropping downward, looping backward, or climbing upward. Typically featuring a simple design, studs are comfortable to wear and look great with any outfit.

What does cherry chapstick in I Kissed a Girl mean?

While you mightve thought its simply about a girl exploring her fluid sexuality by giving a woman a peck on the lips, it turns out Perry was talking about some VERY different lips! Permission denied. In case you havent sussed by now, “cherry chapstick” is actually a euphemism for a ladys coin purse.

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