Question: Is it true that Jungkook is dating a tattoo artist?

Is Jungkook and tattoo artist dating?

BTS Management Agency Denies Jungkook Is Dating Lee Mijoo Also, Big Hit came out to finally shut down all the rumors and stories explaining that Jungkook was on vacation. What really happened was that the BTS member found out that his friend from a tattoo shop was around the area, and they decided to get together.

Does Jungkook want to be a tattoo artist?

He said that he wants to become a tattoo artist or a composer/musician. He further added that he has an immense interest in tattoos and he has already started to think of tattoo templates. Talking about his career as a musician, Jungkook shared that when hes older he wants to try being a composer.

Is Jungkook tattoo real or temporary?

Reportedly, the tattoo is most likely fake, made with henna, which only lasts for a few days. However, there have been no pictures that officially confirm whether or not the tattoo was temporary. According to one website, “if Jungkook did get inked for real though, many fans wouldnt be surprised.

Did Jungkook hug girls?

On September 16, a leaked photo of Jungkook hugging a blonde girl sparked dating rumors that ultimately broke the Internet. The blonde female was identified as Lee Mijoo, a tattooist of tattoo shop Tat2Luv which Jungkook had allegedly visited for a new design on his hand.

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