Question: How do eharmony matches work?

How does it work? eharmony measures you on 32 dimensions of compatibility. Based on your answers to the Compatibility Quiz, we build your unique Personality Profile, which is the basis for how we match you with other members.

What is a good match score on eHarmony?

100 is a good starting point for a match. Take a closer look at the profile and if you like them, send a smile or an icebreaker to start a conversation. 110 and more are excellent values. This is an above-average matching result: with these members you harmonize particularly well.

How do you get matches on eHarmony?

How can I get more matches?Log into your account.Click on the Matches tab at the top.Scroll down to the bottom of the list to review your Match Preferences.Click the “Change Search Criteria”More items

How successful are eHarmony matches?

1. 71% of Women, 69% of Men Meet Their Spouse on eharmony Within a Year. According to eharmonys Married Couples by the Numbers Facts report, almost three-quarters of men and women have met their spouse within a year of joining the site.

How often do I get new matches on eharmony?

The Site Will Send Matches Every Day After you become a member of eharmony, the site will recommend potential dates and partners on a daily basis. Then you can view the dating profile and decide if youre interested.

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