Question: How can I make my teacher fall in love with me?

How do you get your teacher to favorite you?

How to Become Your Teachers Favourite StudentKeep up with your school work. Always make sure that your teachers feel like they have been missed. Always keep your supplies organised. Be punctual. Dont go overboard. Be polite! Never gossip about the teacher to your friends. Ask questions!More items •13 Nov 2019

What do you do if you love your teacher?

Take the time and energy you previously spent lusting after your teacher and put it towards something productive. Also try to get out and find some new people to spend time with to get your mind off them. Spend time with friends. Develop relationships with other people, especially people your own age.

What kind of students do teachers remember?

Students often remember teachers who were kind or funny or brilliant or passionate. They remember teachers who cared about them. They remember teachers who were supportive or encouraging or saw something in them no one else did.

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