Question: How do you sign up for elite dating?

How do you sign up for EliteSingles?

How do I register?Enter your gender, the gender of the partner you are looking for, your e-mail address and your password.Read our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.Select Get started to begin the personality test.Please use your first name when prompted to select a username.

Do you have to pay for elite dating?

EliteSingles offers two different membership options; a free basic membership and a premium option.

How much does Elite Dating cost?

Elite Singles Membership CostMembership TypeLengthMonthly CostPremium Classic1 month$59.95Premium Light3 months$57.95Premium Comfort6 months$44.95

Does Elite Singles have a free version?

Yes, Elite Singles is Free! Elite Singles is one of those free-to-join, no-pressure-to-commit dating sites where singles can get the lay of the land without paying anything. You can create a dating profile right now and figure out if its really the right site for you.

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