Question: Is LC still friends with Lo?

Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth remained close for a several years after filming. Conrad left The Hills in 2009 and Bosworth in 2010. However, the two of them continued to be close. In an interview with Glamour in 2010, Conrad was asked what friends mean to her.

Are Whitney and LC still friends?

In a new podcast interview with Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad shared the MTV stars she has remained friends with after filming Laguna Beach and The Hills. Its been close to 14 years since MTV aired the final episode of Laguna Beach.

Is Lo still with Scott?

Los rep released a statement to People confirming the split, saying, Lo and Scott are no longer together, but remain good friends. A source close to the pair also said they realized they [were] in different places in their lives. Lo then moved on with businessman Jeremy Globerson in 2014, though they have since

Are LC and Heidi still friends?

Heidi and Lauren may no longer be friends, but there is no ill-will between them anymore, at least on Heidis side. The reality star has regrets about how their friendship ended, but the relationship was meant to come to an end.

What happened to Lo Bosworth?

Now based in NYC, The International Culinary Center grad and The Lo-Down author founded Love Wellness, a line of personal care products for women, in 2016. In 2020, she told E! News, I live such a different life now than I did 10 years ago.

Does LC coming back to The Hills?

When The Hills revival was first announced, Lauren confirmed that she would not be returning to her roots. In the 11 years since the show first ended, Lauren has not kept in touch with her fellow cast mates. Audrina admitted that, “None of us have really kept in touch with her since the finale.

Why did LC quit The Hills?

Lauren Conrad Left The Hills to Focus On Other Career Opportunities & Her Own Health. GettyLauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, and Whitney Port attend the season 4 finale of MTVs “The Hills” at Tavern on the Green on December 22, 2008 in New York City. Conrad left the show to focus on other career opportunities.

Are Stacie and Kristen really friends?

How Did Kristin & Stacie Become Close Friends? Stacie Hall, aka Stacie the bartender, was initially featured as a friend of Spencers that Heidi didnt want him hanging out with. Then, she showed up again as Kristins BFF.

Are Heidi and Spencer broke again?

THE Hills Spencer and Heidi Pratt revealed they went broke for a second time last year after coronavirus decimated their crystals business. The married couple run Pratt Daddy Crystals, which sells jewellery and wellness products.

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