Question: How do you know if hes your twin flame?

When you first encounter your twin flame, Spinelli says there will be an intense sense of attraction, recognition, and longing. Meeting a twin flame often feels like home, she notes. They feel familiar—an undeniably intense bond as though you have known them before.

What does a Twin Flame love feel like?

You feel like you two both share a deep, spiritual connection. The bond is so intense that you always feel pulled back into them. The conversations are endless with this person and you feel like you can talk to them forever about anything. Your twin flame shows you everything that needs to be healed within yourself.

Can you feel your twin flame coming?

Twin Flames share the same chakra system. The mental, emotional and casual body is one, (shown in the pic) therefore it is possible to sense them, feel them and hear them. It is quite a strong and intense feeling. You may feel their presence strongly as if they are sitting next to you!

When you dream of your twin flame?

Twin flames may also realize that we exist for the first time because they repeatedly see us in their dreams. Their dreams may be a way their subconscious mind gives them the courage to meet us, as well. Sometimes in a twin flame relationship, one twin is more spiritually ready for a connection than the other.

Is dreaming about your twin flame normal?

Be warned: these dreams can be really vivid and you may feel like youre really seeing or interacting with your twin flame. However, these dreams dont contain spiritual messages. It is quite normal to have these dreams, especially when youre first starting out on your spiritual journey towards awakening.

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