Question: Why am I no longer sexually attracted to my partner?

Oftentimes a loss of attraction actually stems from the absence of feeling loved or emotionally connected. Improving your relationship in those areas can boost your feelings of physical attraction towards your partner.

What to do when you are no longer attracted to your partner?

Help, Im Not Attracted To My Partner AnymoreRecognize The Gravity Of The Moment. Ask Yourself How Important Sex Is To You. Be Honest With Your Partner. Discuss Both Of Your Sexual Turn-Ons. Try To Rekindle The Romance. Explore Whether This Is A Short-Lived Or Permanent Change. Consider Couples Therapy.Sep 12, 2017

How can I regain my attraction to my partner?

Ten Things You Can Do To Feel More Attracted to Your PartnerRedefine Attraction. Recognize Your Fears and Face Them. Love Yourself. Remind Yourself Why You Fell in Love in the First Place. Improve the Mental and Emotional Connection. Check For Any Underlying Health Concerns.More items

How do you know when your partner is no longer attracted to you?

He looks at his phone more than he looks at you There is nothing wrong with screen time, but if in every conversation, date, hangout, the moment there is a screen between you and him, it could be a sign his interest in you is dwindling. This can certainly lead to feeling unwanted by the husband.

Is it normal to lose passion in a relationship?

While its normal for the intensity of new love to wane a bit time, its not so normal for the passion to completely fade from your relationship. Its quite common to find yourself in an emotional or sexual rut with your romantic partner, Weena Cullins, a licensed marriage and family therapist, tells Bustle.

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