Question: What city should I live in Utah?

Park City Rolling in as the number one place to live in Utah is Park City. Just 7,963 people live in this city, east of Salt Lake City in Summit County. House prices and rental costs are very dear in this area. With median home value at $868,100, there is an affluent feel to the area.

Is Utah the best place to live?

Not only was Utah ranked the 11th-safest state by WalletHub, but its also been recognized for its weather. For four-season lovers, WalletHub ranked St. George in the top three percent of 600 U.S. cities. Provo and Orem in the top 20 percent.

What city in Utah has the highest crime rate?

South Salt Lake City with the highest crime rate in Utah The city with the highest total crime rate in Utah is South Salt Lake, with a crime rate of 8,086 per 100,000 residents.

What jobs are in high demand in Utah?

The highest demand right now is for registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, health technicians, clinical case managers and medical secretaries. This industry is growing rapidly with no end in sight and it provides good stability and growth opportunities.

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