Question: Where are the best places to meet girls in Toronto?

Is Casa Loma worth it?

An iconic Canadian landmark Casa Loma Castle is worth definitely visiting. A seven-floor gothic mansion surprises its visitors with a splendid facade and extensive gardens with a water fountain. Its worth a visit for guided tours, beautiful interior, restaurants and panoramic view of Toronto city.

What is the best time of year to visit Toronto?

The best times to visit Toronto are late April through May and September through October. Peak tourist season occurs during the summer months: the sidewalks come alive with pedestrian marketplaces, patio restaurants and numerous cultural events.

Can you sleep at Casa Loma?

The villas are located on the north and south side of the main building and sleep a maximum of 6 people, including children. Villas on the northern side of Casa Loma feature single units and triplex units that walkout to the lake level.

Can you see Casa Loma without paying?

You cannot gain entry to the gardens without first paying for entrance to the building itself. Short of a fire or other major emergency the gates to the gardens are always padlocked. The gardens are part of Casa Loma and they are not going to permit free entry into the building just so people can walk into the gardens.

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