Question: What is U2 biggest hit?

What is U2s best selling album?

The lead single Desire was the bands first number-one single in the UK. The album sold over 14 million copies, while the film grossed $8.6 million. Facing a backlash from Rattle and Hum and creative stagnation, U2 reinvented themselves musically in the 1990s .U2 discographySingles83Subscriber-exclusive albums117 more rows

Which song made U2 famous?

The lead single Pride (In the Name of Love), written about civil rights movement leader Martin Luther King Jr., was the bands biggest hit to that point and was their first song to chart in the US top 40.

When was U2 most popular?

1980s U2, Irish postpunk band that by the end of the 1980s had established itself not only as one of the worlds most popular bands but also as one of its most innovative.

Who sold more records than the Beatles?

As of 2017, based on both sales claims and certified units, the Beatles are considered the highest-selling band. Elvis Presley is considered the highest-selling individual artist based on sales claims and Drake is the highest-selling individual artist based on certified units.

Who has sold the most records?

The Beatles Top-selling artists worldwide from 1954 to 2016, based on certified sales (in millions)CharacteristicUnits sales in millionsThe Beatles257.7Elvis Presley206.8Michael Jackson169.7Madonna164.49 more rows•6 Sep 2016

What is most covered song ever?

Yesterday According to Guinness World Records, “Yesterday” has the most cover versions of any song ever written. The song remains popular today with more than 1,600 recorded cover versions. Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) asserts that it was performed over seven million times in the 20th century alone.

Who is the wealthiest singer of all time?

40 Richest Singers of All TimeAdele. Net worth: $190 million. Jessica Simpson (Tie) Net worth: $200 million. Ed Sheeran (Tied) Net worth: $200 million. Bette Midler. Net worth: $220 million. Justin Timberlake (Tie) Net worth: $225 million. Kenny Chesney (Tie) Net worth: $225 million. Rihanna. Garth Brooks.More items •Aug 2, 2021

Who has the most #1 hits in history?

The Beatles The Beatles have the most No. 1 hits of all time: 20. Though unclear for how long, the Beatles still reign supreme as the artist with the most No. 1 songs of all time.

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