Question: Why did Christina and Lil Wayne break up?

Although sources cited “busy schedules” as the reason for their initial split in September, Christina revealed on the Nov. 10 episode of Turned Up that she and Lil Wayne broke up after she found an Instagram of a girl wearing lingerie…in Waynes house.

Did Christina Milian go out with Lil Wayne?

The secrets officially out! In an interview with Entertainment Tonight to promote the release of her new music video, Christina Milian finally confirmed her relationship with Lil Wayne. When asked if shes in love with the rapper, Milian said, “Hes very special to me, yeah,” with a smile.

How long did Christina Milian date Lil Wayne?

Christina Milian proves that friendship can exist after a breakup. ET broke the news that the 33-year-old singer called it quits with rapper Lil Wayne in late August after dating for about a year.

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