Question: What is the purpose of dating moon rocks?

What is special about moon rocks?

Lunar granites are relatively rare rocks that include diorites, monzodiorites, and granophyres. They consist of quartz, plagioclase, orthoclase or alkali feldspar, rare mafics (pyroxene), and rare zircon. The alkali feldspar may have unusual compositions unlike any terrestrial feldspar, and they are often Ba-rich.

What is the purpose of studying moon rocks?

Studying rocks can tell us a great deal about the conditions under which they formed. Scientists can determine whether Moon rocks formed in a volcano, during a meteorite impact or are an accumulation of billions of years of dust falling onto the Moons surface.

Why does NASA keep moon rocks?

When the lunar samples first arrived on Earth, they were flown to Houston and quarantined for weeks (as were the astronauts). Researchers wanted to keep the samples safe from earthly contamination and keep Earth life safe from the samples.

How expensive is a moon rock?

Today, moon rocks cost a little more than your top-shelf flower, around $25-35 a gram depending on where you live and the quality of the product.

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