Question: How much does Bumble Passport cost?

Is there bumble passport?

With Bumbles Travel feature, you can change your location to another city before or during your trip — and let locals know youre just in town for a short stretch. To use the feature, first select “Travel to…” in your settings. It costs five Bumble Coins — the currency within the Bumble app — for seven days.

How much does Bumble travel cost?

Bumble Travel Mode Price – how much does it cost? 1 Bumble Travel costs 5 Bumble coins, that can be purchased for 7.99 USD. Unlike Tinder Passport, Bumble Travel is not part of Bumbles premium subscription, Bumble Boost. You can only buy it separately for 5 Bumble coins.

How much does Bumble premium cost?

Despite its name, a premium Bumble Boost subscription wont put your profile in front of more eyeballs. However, it will let you see who likes you, extend matches, and reconnect with expired matches. A one-week trial costs $8.99, the first month costs $24.99, and prices go down from there.

Does Bumble have something like tinder passport?

Tinders limits your swiping unless you buy one of their paid upgrades, Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. Bumble does not offer some valuable premium features like Tinder Boost and Tinder Passport.

Is tinder better or Bumble?

Tinder is also better than Bumble if youre more on the “hookups” end of the relationship spectrum. While youll find women looking for everything from one-night stands to long-term relationships, its likely easier to find the former on Tinder than Bumble.

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