Question: What happened BlackPlanet?

BlackPlanet never really left. In 2008, Radio One purchased BlackPlanet and the website transformed a bit but still served as a forum for the Black community. Unfortunately, by this time Facebook and Twitter were household names and the iconic social media network site sort of faded into the background.

What happened to mi gente?

In May 2019, was redirected to, which is also owned by Urban One.

Who made Mi Gente beat?

J Balvin Mi Gente (J Balvin and Willy William song)Mi GenteSongwriter(s)José Osorio Willy William Adam Assad Andrés David Restrepo Mohombi Nzasi MoupondoProducer(s)Willy WilliamJ Balvin singles chronologyBonita (2017) Mi Gente (2017) Sensualidad (2017)14 more rows

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