Question: What is the best part of Marbella?

Where should you stay in Marbella?

The best area to stay in Marbella is the beach area in the city centre, which is where the Old Town is found and lying at the heart of it is the popular “Orange Square”.

Where is the lively part of Marbella?

Marbella is famous throughout the world for its glitzy image and glamorous night life. Many of the exclusive venues are located in Puerto Banus and on the Golden Mile. many visitors who come to Marbella come to party, and there is no shortage of late night bars, music bars and night clubs and restaurants.

Is Marbella old town Lively?

With so many visitors, its no surprise that the town has cultivated a lively nightlife, with a bar for every season and every traveler.

Is Marbella expensive to eat and drink?

1. Re: Is Marbella expensive to eat/drink? try Benahavis to eat it is cheaper and very good food there are about 20 restaurants in this small village, meals in marbella or puerto banus are on the pricey side but most restaurant have the menue outside so you can see what the price will be.

Is Puerto Banus better than Marbella?

You have to understand that Marbella is a working town where locals live and work, while Puerto Banús has a much more tourist resort look and feel. Marbella historic centre is one of the most beautiful in the area, very well preserved and lovely to walk.

What is there to do in Marbella old town?

Twelve must-see key points in Marbellas old town: a walking tour with WikilocHotel Fuerte Marbella. Hotel Fuerte Marbella. Entry gate to the old town. Chapel of San Juan de Dios. Museum of Contemporary Spanish Printmaking. Church of the Incarnation. Our Lady of Sorrows. Arab Wall. Santo Cristo Hermitage.More items •17 Mar 2020

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