Question: How do you use Friendsy?

The app allows users to swipe through profiles, swiping left to discard someone. But rather than simply swiping right to match with someone, users select if they want to friend, date or hook up with another college student. If they also want to, you match.

Are college students on hinge?

Why its good for college students: Hinge is perfect for those who are just enjoying the casual college experience, but would consider a relationship if the right person came along. Its easy to use and offers slightly more than the typical surface-level swiping.

What is Friendsy app?

Friendsy Is Tinder For College Students Only, Created By Two Princeton Students. The app, which launched nationwide earlier this month, aims to connect college students, whether its to be friends, date or hook up. Friendsy launched on about 40 campuses before its national launch.

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