Question: Who does Melanie end up with in Sweet Home Alabama?

Her mother, Pearl Smooter, encouraged Melanie to get out of Pigeon Creek at any cost to have a better life for herself. Melanie initially ignored that advice and married her childhood sweetheart, Jake Perry, fresh out of high school. They got married solely because she was pregnant, she ultimately miscarrying.

What happened at the end of Sweet Home Alabama?

The film ultimately ends with Witherspoons character staying with her ex-husband, and the pair of them get married again. Yet a different denouement was filmed that would have seen the pair embracing – only to be promptly struck by lightning.

Who is the little girl in the pictures at the end of Sweet Home Alabama?

Played by Katharine Towne, the character was cut from the film after test audiences were confused about her relationship with Andrew. She can be found in the finished version of the film at the end when Melanie is shown a newspaper wedding announcement during the closing credits.

What happened to Melanies pregnancy in Sweet Home Alabama?

Answer: She had a miscarriage. When shes talking to Jakes mother, Stella Kay, at the bar, its mentioned that Melanie had a miscarriage. Melanie felt ashamed because after losing the baby, she ran out on Jake and their marriage to pursue her own goals in New York.

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