Question: What is the language of Ecuador?

Ecuadors official language is Spanish, but Quichua, the lingua franca of the Inca Empire, is spoken by many of the indigenous people. Nine additional indigenous languages are also spoken in Ecuador.

What languages are spoken in Ecuador?

Languages of Ecuador Besides Spanish, there are about 24 other indigenous languages also in use here. Some of the important ones are Achaur-Shiwiar, Awa-Cuaiquer, Cofan, the Embera languages, Secoya, Siona, Tetete, Zaparo and Media Lengua.

What are the top 3 languages spoken in Ecuador?

Today, Spanish spoken in Ecuador has 3 distinct regional variations: Amazonic, Andean, and Equatorial Coastal. The most widely spoken variants are Andean Spanish, spoken in the highlands, and Equatorial Coastal Spanish, spoken from the northern border with Colombia and the southern border with Peru.

What are the top 2 languages spoken in Ecuador?

Spanish, the official language of Ecuador, is spoken throughout the country, although for many indigenous people it is their second language. Various dialects of Quechua are spoken in the highlands, while in Amazonía several indigenous languages are spoken, including Kichwa, Shuar and Wao.

What do you call a person from Ecuador?

Ecuadorians (Spanish: ecuatorianos) are the people of Ecuador. The Valdivia culture is another well-known early Ecuadorian culture.

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