Question: How do you get your Bumble back after being blocked?

As Bumble Blocks are final, the only way to get back your Bumble account and use Bumble again is to reset your account. This means that you have to delete your current account (if you still have access to it), and create a new one with different login information than the one that has been blocked by Bumble.

Why have I been blocked on Bumble?

If you know youre not compatible, you can unmatch or swipe left. Not being deliberately offensive. Bumble has a zero tolerance policy for hate speech, slurs, racism, misogyny, or bullying, and theyll get you blocked from Bumble immediately.

How do I know if Ive been Shadowbanned on Bumble?

When you get zero new Bumble matches for an extended period of time, then it is possible that you have been shadow banned by Bumble. However, if you are still getting matches but not as many as used to get, then you are not shadowbanned.

How do you block on Bumble without reporting?

To do that, just select the option on the bottom of the “Block & Report” menu that says “Im just not interested”. This option will not trigger a red flag in the apps database. The person you just blocked will not be reported for anything serious.

What happens if someone reports you on Bumble?

If you get reported on Bumble, or someone else reports you, the reported person will be unmatched, so all the conversations you had with each other will be also deleted. If you add a reason why you reported someone, Bumble Support Team will also review and possibly block the account of the reported person.

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