Question: Are engineers bad at dating?

Do engineers have a hard time dating?

For this, and many other reasons, engineers tend to devote most of their time building things than relationships. They are also pretty calculated on the whole which can lead to dating engineers lacking a lot of spontaneity - everything needs to be planned.

How can a girl impress an engineer?

Help girls get involved in STEM programs. Support organizations, such as the Girl Scouts, that help girls learn about STEM fields. Look for mentoring opportunities. Expose girls to other resources, such as the Association of Women in Science and the Society of Women Engineers.

What do you say to an engineer?

Say things like, “Youre too cool to be an engineer,” or “Nice kicks!” or “You are the least awkward person I know.” For female engineers, say “You look like an engineer,” because female engineers want people to think theyre just as awkward as their male counterparts.

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