Question: How long did Diddy and JLo date?

jennifer-lopez-sean-combs-boyfriends-billboard-400 Sean Combs (Dated September 1999 - February 2001) Back in the late 90s when J Lo and Diddy went by Jennifer and Sean, they were an item for two and a half years.

How old was Jennifer Lopez when Diddy dated?

Last year, she took part in his virtual charity dance-a-ton, joking to viewers that she probably taught him some moves. Jennifer, 51, and Ben, 48, initially dated between 2002 and 2004, when they ended their engagement.

How long did Diddy and Cassie date?

10 years Diddy and Cassie were has an on-and-off relationship for over 10 years. The pair secretly began dating in 2007, and officially confirmed their relationship in 2012. In 2014, the pair were rumoured to be married after Cassie was spotted wearing a ring.

Are JLo and Diddy still friends?

Though J. Lo and Diddy werent a match romantically, they remained friends. Theyve attended the same events over the years, and the rapper even attended the final show of his exs Las Vegas residency in 2018. And, like many celebrities, they also converse on social media.

Did Lori Harvey dated Diddy and his son?

According to TMZ, Lori and Diddys 26-year-old son Justin used to date. However, the two never publicly confirmed any kind of romantic relationship status, so were leaving this one as a question mark. Justins brother Quincy was also in attendance.

What happened to Lori Harvey and Diddy?

Sean Diddy Combs and Lori Harvey have gone their separate ways. A source close to the hip-hop mogul tells E! News exclusively that hes openly described himself as single following a whirlwind romance with Steve Harveys 22-year-old stepdaughter.

How has Lori Harvey dated?

Lori is now dating Hollywood actor Michael B Jordan. The pair confirmed their relationship on Instagram after months of rumours with a candid Polaroid snap. The dating rumours began after they were spotted travelling together on November 24, 2020.

Why did P Diddy and Cassie?

In January, 2019, the same month Cassies new romance came to light, the Bad Boy executive made shock allegations claiming that his former girlfriend had cheated on him with Alex, with sources telling PEOPLE that “there was absolutely overlap.” “Cassie wanted a personal trainer, so Diddy hired Alex for her.

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