Question: Why did Wayne and Danielle break up?

I ended our relationship because we couldnt spend the time we used to spend together. Wayne and Danielle had met at his club O Beach Ibiza. Sadly, with no easy way to announce, Danielle and I wish to inform you that our relationship has come to an end and our life journey is taking us our separate ways.

Do Gary and Wayne Lineker get on?

As some fans might know already, Wayne is Match of the Day host Garys younger brother. Born just two years apart, the brothers grew up together in Leicester. Though its thought that they have now grown close once more, Wayne and Gary have been plagued by rumours of a so-called rift in the past.

What happened to Wayne Linekers girlfriend?

Wayne seemed smitten with the part-time radio host and in the final episode of the looking for love series both Wayne and Billie-Jean decided to commit to their relationship outside the mansion after the show. Two months after filming it was revealed the pair are no longer romantically involved.

Who is Wayne Linekers ex girlfriend?

Celebs Go Dating star Wayne Lineker was seen reuniting with his ex-girlfriend of four years Danielle Sandhu and revealed the pair are still the best of friends. The Ibiza beach club owner, 58, who is the brother of former footballer Gary Lineker, has launched his own podcast in a bid to tackle social media abuse.

What age is Billie Jean from Celebs Go Dating?

Billie is a 25-year-old radio presenter and model.

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