Question: Is Boston a good city for dating?

The home-rental app Zumper, meanwhile, ranked the Boston/Cambridge area as the second-best city for singles in the country—a calculation it made using the number of bars, restaurants, and singles in the area; access to dating apps; and average rental prices, among other data points.

Is Boston a good place for singles?

The site reports a whopping 66 percent of Boston residents are single, making it potentially the best city in the country to find love! According to the the recently released 2017 results of Match.coms Single in America Survey, 64% of people meet at bars, 43% meet at the Laundromat, and 42% at the gym.

Are men in Boston attractive?

Clover, an online dating app, posted data from one of its algorithms that says both men and women from Boston are among the nations most attractive. On the mens side, though Massachusetts didnt crack the top states, Boston was listed as the nations No. 4 city for attractive males. For women, Boston ranked No.

Is Boston less expensive than NYC?

NYC? New York City is more expensive than Boston. Both cities made to the top list of the United States most expensive city. Boston real estate is expensive already, but New York is skyrocketing.

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