Question: Who did Cassie used to date?

Who did Cassie date 10 years?

Cassie Marries Alex Fine after 10 Years of Dating Diddy on & off and Twitter Gets Petty. Less than a year after parting ways with Diddy, Cassie Ventura is officially married to her new man Alex Fine, and the social media reactions are all shades of petty and hilarious.

How did Diddy and Cassie meet?

The duo first met in 2006, after Diddy heard Cassies single Me & U, which she had originally put out on MySpace, in a club and asked producer Ryan Leslie, who was working with her at the time, to produce her debut album for his Bad Boy Records. Cassie dropped in August 2006 and debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200.

Is Marga a real Mondragon?

Margaret Mondragon-Bartolome (simply known as Marga) is one of the main characters of Kadenang Ginto. She is portrayed by child star Andrea Brillantes.

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