Question: Where do most foreigners live in Korea?

Where do foreigners live in Seoul?

Hannam, Itaewon, Ichon and Seorae Village are popular expat areas in Seoul now days. Of course, there is Gangnam which many people know because of famous K-pop singer, PSY. Some people consider it as an expat area or some people do not consider it as an expat area.

Are there a lot of foreigners in Korea?

As of September 2015, according to the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, the foreign population in South Korea, including migrant workers, increased to 1.8 million, accounting for 3.4% of the total population. The biggest group of foreigners in Korea are the Chinese.

Where do Koreans live the most?

Los Angeles County has the highest Korean population in the country by a wide margin: its population is greater than that of the next three counties combined. Orange County in California and Queens County in New York contain the second and third largest Korean populations, respectively.

What country has the highest Korean population?

Statistics showed that the largest number of Korean expatriates was in the United States (2.54 million), followed by China (2.46 million), and Japan (820,000). Since 2011, the net inflow of population has outnumbered the net outflow.

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