Question: What does a co-parenting site like PollenTree com do?

What does a co parent do?

When confident of the love of both parents, kids adjust more quickly and easily to divorce and new living situations, and have better self-esteem. Benefit from consistency. Co-parenting fosters similar rules, discipline, and rewards between households, so children know what to expect, and whats expected of them.

How do co-parenting apps work?

A quality co-parenting app will help you keep track of important appointments, document kid drop-off/pick-up, tally expenses, show proof of payment, compliance and non-compliance, and share information and photos about the childrens days.

How do I deal with a toxic co-parent?

4 Ways To Deal With A Toxic Co-ParentCommunicate strategically. Responding defensively to your co-parents hostile emails and texts will just inflame drama. Practice radical acceptance. Set boundaries. Be a self-care junkie.Aug 14, 2019

Do you have to pay for Our Family Wizard?

Our Family Wizard is an online tool designed specifically for co-parenting families. It allows parents to manage all aspects of their shared parenting agreement online and in one place, from calendars to expenses. The cost starts at $99 per parent per year, and child accounts are free.

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