Question: What frequency is Kaya FM?

Who is the founder of Khaya FM?

Thebe Group CEO and Kaya FM board chairperson, Sizwe Mncwango, confirmed this to News24 on Wednesday. The Thebe Investment Corporation is a founding shareholder of Kaya FM.

What is the frequency for radio 2000?

Radio 2000Broadcast areaSouth AfricaFrequencyFM: 97.2 – 100 MHzProgrammingFormatMusic, news, sportOwnership6 more rows

Which frequency is gagasi FM?

99.5 MHz Gagasi FM (previously P4 99.5 FM or P4 Radio Durban) is a radio station broadcasting in Durban and surrounding areas in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, specialising in R&B, Afro pop, hip hop, house and kwaito .Gagasi 99.5 FM.Frequency99.5 MHzSloganThe Sound of the CityProgrammingFormatUrbanOwnership9 more rows

What frequency is Radio 702 on FM?

92.7 MHz Radio 702CityJohannesburgBroadcast areaGauteng, South AfricaFrequency92.7 MHz, 106 MHzSloganYour No. 1 News and Talk Station; In Touch, In Tune and IndependentProgramming10 more rows

What frequency is gagasi FM?

99.5 MHz Gagasi 99.5 FMFrequency99.5 MHzSloganThe Sound of the CityProgrammingFormatUrbanOwnership9 more rows

Where is YFM located?

YFM (99.2 FM) is a Youth radio station in Johannesburg, South Africa.

How do I contact Metro FM?

Metro FM [SABC] Box 91162, AUCKLAND PARK, 2006.SABC Radio Park Building, 35 Henley Road, Auckland Park, JOHANNESBURG.011 714 2658.011 714 4166. Media Directory: South African Electronic Media (National and Commercial Radio and TV Stations)

How do you get on the street on the air Kaya FM?

5 To enter, listen to Kaya FM from 15 March to 19 March 2021 and simply SMS your name and “1Life” to 36959 or enter online at The station will randomly select winners from the SMS/Online database. When on-air the listener will be introduced to Life Changing Lerato and she has loads of cash to giveaway.

How do you enter Kaya FM competition on the street on the air?

From Monday, 3 May, listeners can register via SMS on 36959 and on the Kaya 959 website. If their name is selected, they will receive a call from the station, and they have to answer the phone with the phrase that pays – On the Street. On the Air – within nine seconds of their phone ringing.

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