Question: Can I see who likes me on OkCupid for free?

As long as youre active and Like everyone youre interested in, youll always know who Likes you back, for free. If you want to see the full list of who likes you (even if you havent liked them yet) you can upgrade to Premium.

How do you find out who likes me on OkCupid?

Tapping the blue star brings up the “Likes” section of OkCupid. From there, you can see which profiles youve already liked. And if youre an A-List member, you can see all the profiles of users who have “liked” you already.

Can you see matches on OkCupid without paying?

We always let you see your mutual Likes for free. You can see your recent mutual Likes in the New Matches tab of your messaging page. Messaging on OkCupid is completely free.

Can you see likes with OkCupid basic?

All of the features of OkCupid Basic, plus: See everyone who Likes you before you Like them. See everyones public answers to their questions before you answer.

How many free likes do you get on OkCupid?

Send some good messages to the people you like, and come back tomorrow to keep liking people. If you want to keep liking profiles, you can upgrade to A-List. There is no daily limit on how many profile A-List members can like. But for best results, you should send some good messages to people youre interested in.

Can I get laid on OkCupid?

Although with confidence and genuine interest getting laid in OkCupid is an easy thing. However, if things didnt work out at your last date dont get disheartened. So, instead of procrastinating all day build a profile, reach out and get laid with OkCupids online dating services.

How much does OkCupid cost per month?

OkCupid SpecsVideo CallsNoDesktop AppYesStarting Price$9.95 per monthMobile AppYesFree Account OfferedYes

How do I attract girls on OkCupid?

1:423:31OKCupid Tips For Men: How To Get More Girls - YouTubeYouTube

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