Question: Does Santana and Brittany get together?

They kiss, signaling that they are again dating. In Jagged Little Tapestry, Santana asks Brittany to marry her and she agrees, making them engaged. In A Wedding, Brittany and Santana get married along with Kurt and Blaine in front of their family and friends.

Who does Santana end up with in glee?

Santana LopezOccupationWaitress StudentFamilyMaribel Lopez (mother) Alma Lopez (grandmother) Hector Lopez (grandfather; deceased) Pedro Lopez (step-grandfather; deceased)SpouseBrittany PierceSignificant otherNoah Puck Puckerman Sam Evans Dani6 more rows

Does Santana cheat on Brittany?

After all, as an audience, we have known that Brittany cheated on Artie with Santana since the Flirt Locker scene of “Sexy,” so it shouldnt surprise us in the least to hear Brittany admit to her infidelities here—however circuitous her confession.

Do Brittany and Santana get married on Glee?

Brittany, Santana, Kurt and Blaine have a shared exchange of vows, and both couples are married.

Who does Brittany end up with?

She was on tour with Santana and Mercedes. Santana proposed to her in Jagged Little Tapestry. They got married in A Wedding. Brittany Pierce was a recurring character for Season One, but was made a main character in Season Two and remained so for Season Three and Season Four.

Why did Brittany break up with Sam?

Sam intervenes saying that he loves her, but shes being really rude. Brittany then breaks up with him via text message and claims that even though she is fascinated by his lips, she really misses her sweet lady kisses and she is not even sorry and she walks out of the room.

Did Brittany marry Santana?

The Brittany-Santana Relationship, commonly referred to as Brittana or Santittany, is the romantic relationship and friendship between Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez. In A Wedding, Brittany and Santana get married along with Kurt and Blaine in front of their family and friends.

Did Brittany from Glee have a baby?

Glees Heather Morris has announced shes pregnant by sharing a picture of her tiny baby bump. The new arrival will mark the second addition to her family after her and husband Taylor Hubbell welcomed a son, Elijah, in 2013. Heather, who played Brittany S.

Did Brittany leave glee?

Brittany reveals to the glee club she has been offered early admission to MIT and delivers an emotional goodbye, as she will be leaving after Regionals.

Who is Britneys boyfriend?

Sam Asghari Britney Spears, in 2019, announced her engagement to personal trainer Sam Asghari in a video posted to Instagram on Sunday. Britney Spears posted an Instagram video Sunday announcing her engagement to longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari.

Did Santana cheat on Dani?

Santana eventually cheated on Dani with Brittany, which Dani found out about in Wrecking Ball. In the third season, Dani tries to get on Brittanys good side after Brittany moves to New York. Unfortunately, Brittany still is upset with Dani for being the cause of her and Santanas breakup.

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