Question: How do you hook up two RV sewer hoses?

Can you connect two RV sewer hoses?

Yes, two of the Camco RhinoEXTREME RV Sewer Hose # CAM39861 can be used together when necessary to make a 30-foot total length hose to reach the dump tank fill port. The ends of the hose are a male bayonet and a female bayonet so two are easily connected.

How do you connect two RV water tanks?

Both tanks must be on the same level and be the same height in order to get by with one fill spout. Youll need to connect a water line, the larger the better, at the bottom of each tank and a vent line at the top of each tank, linking the tanks together.

How do I connect my RV sewer hose to PVC pipe?

Slip a 3-inch flexible connector onto the hose side of a 45-degree RV drain outlet adapter. Twist the adapter onto the RV drain outlet. Slip the cut length of PVC pipe into the other side of the flexible connector. Tighten the provided clamps on the connector with a screwdriver.

How do I increase water capacity in my RV?

1 Easy Trick to Boost Your RVs Freshwater Tank CapacityWhat Youll Need: Collapsible water jugs or portable RV water tank. Step 1: Add Fill Tube. Many RVs come with a winterization bypass hose. Step 2: Add Bypass Valve. Step 3: Add Redirect Valve. Step 4: Create a Power Supply.

Can you stack RV water tanks?

Stackable water totes can be stacked with a maximum of 140 gallon can be placed on top of the bottom tote.

Can I put a bigger fresh water tank in my camper?

With a little basic electrical and plumbing knowledge, you can modify your RVs fresh water system to easily fill your tank from collapsible jugs (or any external source) using your existing water pump.

What size RV holding tank do I need?

Expect a holding tank to be between 25 and 100 Gallons. A class A RV will average 80 Gallons, Class C will average 30 Gallons, and as class C will average 70 Gallons. Travel trailers will be around 40 Gallons.

Can a water tank be filled from the bottom?

Linking Tanks from the Bottom Connecting tanks together at the bottom with pipes from one tank to the next will allow all your water tanks to fill evenly. As rainwater enters your first tank, and reaches the height of your pipe link, rainwater will flow into your second tank until it attains the same height.

Do RV sewer hoses come in different diameters?

Yes, RV sewer hose size is the same for all RV. A typical RV sewer hose, which connects to the black-water tank, has 3-inch diameter tubing. Gray-water hoses have more variation. Some of them have only 1.5-inch diameters, and some are 3-inch diameters.

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