Question: How does Elite Singles NZ work?

The matches are formed through our smart profiling system which takes in to account your personality test results, your relationship desires and your location in New Zealand.

How do matches work on elite singles?

The matching starts with the personality test, which is used to identify suitable profiles. Beyond looking at the levels of various personality attributes in the personality test, EliteSingles smart profiling also looks at what is important to you in terms of lifestyle, location, and relationship goals.

Do you need to pay to use elite singles?

At EliteSingles, we offer two membership options: Basic (free) and Premium. In order to make full use of the sites features and find a long-term relationship, we recommend taking out a Premium subscription.

How much does it cost to use elite singles?

Elite Singles membership costs: 3-month membership: $57.95 / month. 6-month membership: $44.95 / month. 12-month membership: $31.95 / month.

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