Question: What is chat room etiquette?

It is considered impolite to enter a chatroom and then leave without saying something. Dont idle or lurk in a chatroom. When you are in a chatroom, do take part in the conversation. If you are going to be away from your computer for a short time, tell the other users.

What is chat room explain?

Chat rooms are Web sites or programs that allow people to send text messages to one another in real time. The chat room works as a virtual room, where groups of people send messages that others can read instantaneously.

What are basic rules and etiquettes for chatting?

9 Instant Message Etiquette Rules Every Professional Needs To You should know the person. Start with a short greeting. Be mindful of the receivers preferred style of communication. Keep the conversation short. Be careful with abbreviations. Never send bad news via IM. Dont change meeting times or venues in an IM.More items •Nov 15, 2013

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