Question: How do you know if a man is still a boy?

How do you know if a boy is done with you?

Break up was just too far off the list in my mind.Talking to You Brings Him Down. You Always Want Something From Him. Hes Preoccupied With Something Major in His Life. Hes Tired Of People (That Means You, Too) He Becomes Vague. A Lack of Phone Calls. He Stops Replying to Your Texts or Takes a Long Time to Reply.More items

What differentiates a man from a boy?

A MAN takes responsibility for his actions, a BOY makes excuses for his actions. 2. A MAN lifts you up with youre feeling down, a BOY kicks you while youre down. A MAN wants to please one WOMAN, a BOY wants a hundred GIRLS to please him.

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