Question: What does a mans beard symbolize?

Beards are the epitome and culmination (or should be) of what defines a man. Growing a beard, regardless of sexual preference, is a way of setting yourself apart from the rest of the male populous. Beards today are symbolic of Male dominance, Sexual virility, and overall prestige.

What does a thick beard mean?

Since testosterone is what causes facial hair to grow, you might expect a thicker beard to be a sign of higher than average levels of this hormone. But most adult males actually have similar testosterone levels.

What does the Bible say about beard?

The most clear biblical passage to condone beards comes from Leviticus (19:27): “You shall not cut the hair on the sides of your heads, neither shall you clip off the edge of your beard.” To cut off another mans beard, according to Samuel (10:4) is an outrage.

What does beard mean in a relationship?

A beard is defined as a woman who dates, or marries, a gay man to provide cover for the mans homosexuality. The term also applies to a man who does the same for a lesbian woman.

Should a man have a beard?

Because of all the protection it offers, a beard can help you appear younger. Facial hair keeps your skin clear of blemishes, growing a beard can reduce the acne and discoloration on your skin. A moustache and a beard keeps allergens out of your system, helping you feel and look younger.

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