Question: What is OLX full form?

On Line eXchange (OLX) is an online classified which connects buyers and sellers.

What is the full form of Amazon?

Awesome Maidens & Men Against Zeuss Other Nations. AMAZONs Mighty Alliance of the Zenobian Omnipotent Nations. Always Making A Zulu Offensive Notion. AMAZONs Might Always Zap Other Nations.

What does the acronym OLX stand for?

OLXAcronymDefinitionOLXOutlook and Exchange (Microsoft software)OLXOff-Line eXpress

What is full form of OH?

OH Full FormFull FormCategoryTermOxygen and HydrogenChemistryOHHydroxideChemistryOHHyroxide IonChemistryOHOther HalfMessagingOH10 more rows

What is Adidas full form?

Adidas, in full Adidas AG, German manufacturer of athletic shoes and apparel and sporting goods. The name Adidas (written “adidas” by the company) is an abbreviation of the name of founder Adolf (“Adi”) Dassler. The Dassler family began manufacturing shoes after World War I.

What is Amazon exactly? is a vast Internet-based enterprise that sells books, music, movies, housewares, electronics, toys, and many other goods, either directly or as the middleman between other retailers and Amazon.coms millions of customers.

Who is Olx owner?

Naspers OLX Group/Parent organizations OnLine eXchange also known as OLX Group is an online marketplace company headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was founded in 2006 and operates in 45 countries. OLX is owned by Prosus, the international assets division of the South African multinational Naspers.

What OS means?

Operating system Operating system, computer system software that manages the hardware and software of a computer.

Whats in stand for?

AcronymDefinitionINIndiana (US postal abbreviation)INInch(es)INInternetINIndividual Network33 more rows

What is the full form of CCTV?

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. CCTV systems that use analog cameras have been around for years.

What is the main purpose of Amazon?

Amazons mission statement is to “serve consumers through online and physical stores and focus on selection, price, and convenience.” Amazons vision statement is “to be Earths most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its

What is the full form of iOS?

iOS (formerly iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware.

What is OS in size?

OS (One Size) means the product is only available in One Size from the supplier. As there is no standard size for what constitutes an OS product (or XL, for that matter), it is possible for some OS products to fit plus-sized folks.

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