Question: Where is the best place to live in Missoula?

Is Missoula MT a safe place to live?

The 2nd safest city in Montana is Kalispell, a city of 23,700 that serves as the gateway to the expansive Glacier National Park .Montanas Safest Cities.CityMissoulaCrime rate per 1,00051.87Violent crimes per 1,0004.48Property crimes per 1,00047.39Law enforcement per 1,0001.724 more columns•Dec 27, 2020

Is living in Missoula expensive?

Missoula has a population of 72,364, making it both Montanas second largest city and the 494th largest US city. Missoula has an average monthly rent of $852 which is substantially below the national average rent. The cost of living in Missoula is substantially lower than the national average.

Is Missoula a good place to raise a family?

Missoula has the charm of a small town, the amenities of a big city, great public schools, and amazing outdoor activities. Statistically, Lewistown is the happiest city in Montana, so it makes sense that its a great place to raise a family. The good public school system and reasonable cost of living definitely help.

What is the prettiest town in Montana?

The Most Beautiful Towns in MontanaBozeman. Architectural Landmark. Whitefish. Architectural Landmark. Hamilton. Architectural Landmark. Polson. Architectural Landmark. Lewistown. Architectural Landmark. West Yellowstone. Architectural Landmark. Anaconda. Architectural Landmark. Butte. Architectural Landmark.More items •May 6, 2021

What city in Montana has the most crime?

Montana Crime Index City RankRankCrime Index ▲City / Population1.275Joliet, MT / 5782.417West Yellowstone, MT / 1,4343.436Ennis, MT / 8434.518Poplar, MT / 90144 more rows

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