Question: What can couples do in NYC?

What can you do on a date in NYC?

Laid-Back Date Night in NYCSee the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Wander Through Indoor Markets. Head to the Harlem Jazz Parlor. Explore Little Greece. Try Stargazing at the High Line. Find a Trivia Night. Cruise the Harbor. Tour the Museum of Interesting Things.More items

Where should I chill in the mainland?

Below are some cool places you can visit in Lagos mainland:7 Totally Chilled-Out Places to Hangout In Lagos Mainland. BUNGALOW RESTAURANT, LAGOS. The Orchid Bistro Cafe. Address: No. La Mango Restaurant & Bar. Address: No. The Maryland Mall. Address: Maryland Mall, 350-360 Ikorodu Road, Lagos, Nigeria.Mar 29, 2017

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