Question: Is the WeChat app a dating or hookup app?

WeChat isnt typically considered a dating app, although it is often used as one. The popular “Search nearby” feature allows looking for profiles within a short distance filtered out by gender preference.

How do I hook up to WeChat?

Not everyone is eager to meet a foreigner on quick hookup apps like WeChat due to a language barrier, culture clashes and difference in mentalities. Just keep trying, and earlier or later youll succeed. To enable the feature, just open the WeChat app, click the “Discover” button, and then “Nearby”.

What is WeChat used for?

WeChat is one of the worlds most popular social media messaging apps, and is similar to WhatsApp. WeChat supports video, voice, and text chat and has unique features like localized translation. To sign up for WeChat, an existing user will need to scan a QR code on your phone.

What is people nearby on WeChat?

Within WeChat, for instance, theres a nifty People Nearby tab which allows you to browse and search for similar users near you, and connect with them. This is the same for BeeTalk, where you can discover new friends in the vicinity and chat them up.

How do I find people nearby on WeChat?

In fact, WeChat has tons of ways to add friends. You can even use it to make new friends in your area through People Nearby, Friend Radar and Message in a Bottle. From the Discover tab, choose People Nearby. By default, the last few posts from Moments will be displayed to anyone who finds you in People Nearby.

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