Question: Is Hull pottery lead free?

All Hull brand items I have tested have been positive for very high levels of lead. I would never drink out of these (especially not coffee!) and do consider this brand of pottery to be a potential significant exposure source (and health risk) if used as intended for food use purposes.

Is Villeroy and Boch lead free?

Production by Villeroy & Boch stands for the highest quality from the very beginning: from the careful selection of topquality raw materials through the exclusive use of lead-free, extremely even double-fired glazes and decorative paints that have been tested for harmful substances, all the way to the use of innovative

How can you tell if old China has lead?

If your china is highly decorated or multicolored, there is a better chance that it contains lead glazing or decorations using lead. And those pieces of china with decorations atop the glaze rather than beneath the glaze may contain lead.

How can you tell if tile has lead?

You may be able to use swabs on the bottom of a new piece of tile. These are typically left unglazed. The LeadCheck Swabs test down to 600 ppm lead, if the tile was below that range you would get a negative on the swab. If you want to know if a tile has lead or not, a good way to test is with an XRF tool.

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