Question: Does POF work with location?

Can you set distance on POF?

Aside from GPS and ZIP code, POF app also offers you adjusting of set distance in miles. It means that you can also change search radius on POF.

How do I turn on my location on POF?

To change your location on Plenty Of Fish, do this:Log into the site or app as usual.Select Edit Profile in the top right.In The Basics section, select a different City, State and Zip code.Select Update Profile to save your change.6 Feb 2019

How do you search other countries on POF?

Here is how.Log into your Plenty Of Fish account with your username password.Click the Search tab/link towards the top of the page.On the right side of the page click the Location tab.Click the drop down box with the label Country next to it.Select any country in the world you wish to look for your soul mate.More items

How can I change my age on POF?

Correct Your Plenty of Fish Age OnlineIn the top right corner, select Sign In. Sign in to your account with your username or email address and password.Go to the navigation page and select Edit Profile. Under the Essential Information section, there is a category for Birthday.More items

How do I manage notifications on POF?

In the app, tap the context menu icon Tap on Settings Turn the push notifications and alerts on or off.

Is POF in Germany?

According to the blog Breaking the online dating sound barrier”, the dating site Plenty Of Fish only accepts users from Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, France, Germany and Italy.

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